Paup GUI program is developped to provide a user-friendly interface to the phylogenetic program PAUP* on Windows operating systems. We hope that Paup GUI will help many people in their research and teaching activities as it proved useful for us.


Download the archive from following:
Run “PaupGUI.exe” to load the program.

PaupGUI program is only a user-friendly interface of program PAUP*. You must install PAUP* in your system before use PaupGUI.

System Requirement:
If you are using Windows 2000, 2003 or XP, please make sure that Microsoft® .NET 2 Framework is installed on your computer. This is usually installed through Windows updates, but it may be absent from older systems. The .NET framework 2 packages are available for free here and should be installed prior to using RASP.



Yu Y, Harris AJ, He XJ. 2009. Paup GUI. Available at

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