I am an associate professor of plant systematics and evolution in the Department of Life Science at the Sichuan University. My research focuses on the use of quantitative techniques that are based on phylogeny for estimating historical biogeography and the systematics of the plant family Apiaceae.

Biogeography is the study of the distribution of organisms in space and time (Wiley, 1981). The advent of phylogenetic methods, plate tectonic theory and molecular systematics motivated cor responding advances in the field of biogeography, leading to the development of quantitative methods for biogeographic analysis (Lomolino et al., 2004). Studies in historical biogeography based on phylogeny have accumulated rapidly in the literature due to the exponential increase in phylogenetic studies.

We have written Statistical Dispersal-Vicariance Analysis (S-DIVA) and Reconstruct Ancestral State in Phylogenies (RASP) for inferring ancestral state using Bayesian, Parsimony or SDIVA method. S-DIVA and RASP easy-to-install, provides a user-friendly graphical interface, and generates exportable, graphical results.